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Parti Poodle Chico breeds standard poodles for Health, temperament and structure while CONCENTRATING on genetic diversity.

Parti Poodle Chico breeds standard poodles for Health, temperament and structure while CONCENTRATING on genetic diversity.

Parti Poodle Chico is Located in Chico, California in the great north valley, 90 minutes north of Sacramento and just 3 hours from the Oregon Border and San Francisco.

I health test my girls above OFA CHIC standards and breed to health tested males who have been carefully chosen using VGL testing with UCDavis and Better Bred to pair them for diversity.

I do not believe in amputating tails and toes, so my puppies come with their tails and dewclaws, just as nature intended.

All puppies will be raised lovingly indoors and be properly socialized, potty trained, crate trained and doggy door trained and temperament tested. I try hard to pay attention to advancing their development and raise the puppies using puppy culture protocols. The puppies are fed raw meat and goats milk along with high quality kibble when they are started on solid food and they will be fed only the best diet.   Each puppy will come with AKC registration, a puppy packet, litter blanket, comb, brush, ball, dog food sample bag and their favorite toy all in a toy basket. They will be current on worming and vaccinations.  I let puppies start going "HOME" at 10 weeks of age when they will be ready to bond with their new family.

These puppies will go to approved homes with limited registration with a spay/neuter clause by the time they turn 2 years of age.  All puppies are $1,800.00.  A $300 non refundable deposit will be required to hold a puppy who is determined by temperament testing to be the best puppy for your family.  This means a quiet and mellow puppy will not go to a home with young children and a very active and outgoing puppy will not go to a home with an inactive family.  Poodles need physical AND mental stimulation all the time.  Prospective owners need to know that.

All new puppy owners will have a contract which they must adhere to and it will be signed and the hard copy will be returned to me in the mail or in person before any puppies leave my home.   I offer a two year genetic health guarantee based on the assessment of 2 veterinarians.  I will always be here if my puppy needs to come back for any reason.

I will not ship, so if this puppy is important to you then you must be willing to come pick the puppy up or arrange for a meeting part way or arrange ground transport.  I look forward to sharing in the lives of all of my puppies, whether they stay in Chico or they go elsewhere. These babies are my loves and I want them to live in homes where they are as loved and cared for as they are here.  I will be here for you with any questions or concerns about any of my puppies for their entire lives.  They are my family and I hope you will be as well. I am here to support you in every way possible.

P.S. That means you must keep in touch with photos and updates!  

I know from day one not every puppy could stay - preparing them for life took many hours each day.
I love every minute watching them develop and thrive - helping them discover the world fills me with pride.
The weeks are numbered - never enough time- I worry even though I know the puppies will be fine.
Now I trust you with this puppy and hope you understand, I handpicked you and expect you to follow the plan.
Continue to provide new experiences each day - never stop training - and always include play.
I will never forget my puppies and will always be here - please provide them the best for the rest of their years.
No matter how long ago your baby was here - not staying in touch is my biggest fear.
My Nephew, Wyatt and my girl, Aiko.

My Nephew, Wyatt and my girl, Aiko.